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Fictional Boyfriends Always Wanted.
one minute more
a thousand years
it's all the same to me

cause i'm incomplete
and i need you more
with every breath i breathe
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in your arms tonight
voltage inc.
New In Your Arms Tonight Sub-Story is out now

New In Your Arms Tonight Sub-Story is out now

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i hate and question my writing some days
and even my blog
like what am i doing
but then i get these and it's awesome
Anonymous sent: I really like your blog and writing. Whenever you update If voltage guys were real it makes my day c:

Thank you so much! Today was a day that I think I needed this. So I appreciate it so much! 

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Playing the first part of the game and realizing fraps isn’t open so all the screenshots you thought you were taking nope…./headdesk.

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I am thankful otome games don’t come with a character creator because I spend hours upon hours upon hours of my life in them.

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my forged wedding party

What kind of reaction is that? Haha

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Hey, the otome version of Nicole is now out on Steam!
Spread the word :)


Hey, the otome version of Nicole is now out on Steam!

Spread the word :)

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my forged wedding

Tomey: MC’s parents aren’t sure about Ren being a prince.
Me: lol. What do they want to see the family jewels?

That came out wrong.

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what if voltage guys were real
voltage inc.
rompix writing
If Voltage Guys Were Real Part 11 Yellowstone Cont.

“Andi! Why didn’t you tell me there were more of these young hunks!”

I froze at the sound of the voice. Only one person ever called my roommates young hunks. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before turning around. “Grandma?”

Grandma Rose was hanging out the window of a bus smiling. Hanging out the window beside her was Thomas. “Young Thomas here invited me along on your little trip. I took him up on that offer.”

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my forged wedding party

Only a lil strange.

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animal boyfriend
gijin kareshi


I’M SO EXCITED OH MY GOSH because Gijin Kareshi is available in English (as Animal Boyfriend)! 

Part of the app description:

As a Teacher, help a handsome Animal Student become a real human!
Dress him up, change his species, personality and looks!
You can also talk with him and enjoy exciting events together!
He can even become your perfect boyfriend!

I haven’t really tried much yet, but what I know so far is that each gacha gives you a free spin. Remember to click on older gachas because they ALL give you a free spin. You can either use real money to buy more tickets or earn them (haven’t found out how yet).

iOS store link

Google Play store link

Also my invite ID is there, thank you in advance to anyone who uses it (^_^)

*Edit: This is currently only available in United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands.*

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Nope I didn’t screw up lyrics on something. Nope. Not me. 

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15 things that Make Me Happy

Tagged by sonnet009 Thank You!

1. Writing

2. Reading

3. My dogs

4. My Nephews

5. My Friends

6. Dragon Age

7. Mass Effect

8. Soji

9. My Forged Wedding

10. Shinpachi and Sano

11. Sweater Weather

12. Hot Cocoa

13. New Makeup

14. Playing Otome Games

15. Payday.

I really don’t know who to tag to be quite honest. I usually get these really late after it makes the rounds! 

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happy birthday sonnet!

Lovely sonnet009! I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! I hope it is awesome! Thank you for being such a great friend and for making Tumblr an awesome place to be! 

<3 Tris

Lyrics I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers

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harada sanosuke
shinpachi nagakura
i can't pick

Make Me Choose: Harada or Shinpachi - otomesweetheart

I can’t choose. That’s just nope. Both. Both are good.

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soji higashiyama
in your arms tonight
rompix picks
i'm still open to these if anyone wants to send me some!

Make Me Choose: Soji or Shinpachi - nadeshikoshiraishi
Oh yes I went there with the lyrics.