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Fictional Boyfriends Always Wanted.
one minute more
a thousand years
it's all the same to me

cause i'm incomplete
and i need you more
with every breath i breathe
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Top 10 Favorite Games (or series)

Thanks for tagging me otomesweetheart!

I’m mixing in games that have romance elements because yeah

1. Dragon Age

2. Mass Effect

3. My Forged Wedding

4. Fire Emblem: Awakening

5. In Your Arms Tonight

6. Hakuoki

7. Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

8.  Metro PD

9. Loren the Amazon Princess

10. Be My Princess

PS. Sneaking in to Say Star Wars The Old Republic is in this list too but I don’t know where and it’s an MMORPG.

I am not sure who to tag cuz I am late in responding to this! So if you want to do it let me know. Or let me know if we have some of the same. I don’t have all otome games on my list because well I’m a romance nerd and sometimes I like to shoot guns/bows in games too. I’m an action gamer at heart I just love romance.

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you both are tagged by me in this if you haven't done it already
about rompix
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Tagged by nadeshikoshiraishi, Thank you Shiko!


1.Name: Trista
2.Birthday: September 13
3.Favourite number(s): 13
4.Height: 5’3” and shrinking cuz that’s what my family does
5.Talents: Well apparently as I was answering this question my talent is knocking shit over. That’d be my talent. I think I am a talented writer but then again that’s not something I think I’m good at either. I’m good at cussing? Is that a talent?
6.Can you juggle?: Not even if you paid me could I juggle.
7.Art/Sports/Both: Both
8.Do you like writing?: I’d die without writing.
9.Do you like dancing?: No. Nope. No.
10.Do you like singing?: I do love singing. Though I can’t imagine those around me could say the same.


1.Dream vacations: England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Greece, France. Everywhere.
2.Dream guy/girl: My dream guy doesn’t really exist. But if you want a description take all the guys from Sorted Food on Youtube and throw them into one guy that would be probably my dream guy. 
3.Dream wedding: Honestly the court house. With a party after.
4.Dream pet: Russian Caucasian Mountain Dog. Have you seen those shitheads they are fucking massive. It’s like owning your own bear only safer kinda and less likely to eat me when he wakes up maybe.
5.Dream job: Writer of my original fiction if I stop being a pansy. Though I like pansies they are pretty and my favorite flowers.


1.Favourite song: According to my iTunes it is Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars.
2.Favourite album:  30 Seconds to Mars - This is War
3.Last song you have heard on the radio: All About That Bass
4.Least favourite song: I absolutely hate the song by Robin Thicke. And that god damn Happy Song. Fucking A stop playing it.
5.Least favourite artist: Haha I’m not saying this in fear of my life.
6.Least favourite album: Chances are I don’t have one.


1.Guys/Girls/Both: Guys
2.Hair colour: I’m partial to darker colored hair but any
3.Eye colour: Any
4.Humorous/serious: Someone who knows when to be serious and when to be funny. And when not to be funny just because he knows it gets on my nerves.
5.Biggest turn off:  Being Sexist.
6.Biggest turn on: Being thoughtful.

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I don’t know why the last two won’t at mention you so I’ll just tag you in the tags too. 

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I know I said August was the month of pain and I’d be doing stuff but I haven’t done anything.

It’s because I’m on burnout where otome is concerned and I have played some but my excitement level is non existent and if I’m not excited I really don’t feel like writing, editing, etc.
Sorry bout that and lack of posts. It feels like I’m going through a lil bit of otome depression. As far as paid apps. But even then in MFWParty I’m all event tuckered out and not really giving a shit as I usually do.

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phiredrops replied to your post “I know I shouldn’t have to remind people but if you are doing any kind…”

Especially as some of us sneak Tumblr in at work… *cough*

Yes that!

Or like me and standing in line at the coffee shop and scrolling and bam smut. I turn red easily. Like fire truck red. That was a fun time.

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reblogging cuz it's popped up again
Anonymous sent: Is it only me that bothered by the fandom using the word Jap for Japanese? Since Jap consider as an offensive words during WWII. Sorry for random question.


Chances are you are not the only one bothered by something that is, yes, still a slur today.

Ignorance and Laziness are two things that get a lot of people in trouble whether they had the context of what they typed or said behind it. I’m not making excuses because I think everyone should educate themselves on other cultures especially what is racial slurs. But I think the ones who are writing it are typing it for two reasons. 

1. They don’t know it’s a slur. (Ignorance)

2. We live in a world of LOL, IKR, BRB and anything that they see can be shortened will be shortened. (Laziness)

Why don’t they just use JPN instead? I have no clue as I try never ever to use just the first three letters of Japan. I always spell it out that and Japanese. I am not one to abbreviate a lot of things. 

I can’t imagine those in this fandom would ever use it as a slur though. If so I’m pretty sure they’d meet with some strong words from some of the fandom.

I do think people need to take responsibility for their words though and educate themselves. Learn from their mistakes and understand others point of views. There are a lot of terms that people use that are offensive to different ethnicities. I think if you see someone using it you should tell them “Hey I take offense to that.” 

ETA: This includes terms that are not specific to race. Like anything that comments on a person’s mental handicap or physical handicap. Or even religion. If it’s questionable don’t use it. I could name a few examples I’ve seen in this fandom that is highly offensive and really you have other words to use instead.

This next part does tie into the question and specifically how people started using that word and how it became offensive. I live down the road from the Heart Mountain Relocation Camp which is a place I grew up around but didn’t really get the significance until I was much older.  For those of you who don’t know what a relocation camp is let me inform you. 

During World War II, after Pearl Harbor, those who were of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast were forced to live in internment camps further inland. 110,000 Japanese Americans, some third generation, some 2nd generation and some first generation. They could not live on the west coast at all and that included Arizona. The government did this to Italians and Germans as well but not on the scale of Japanese Americans.

War hysteria had caused our country to single out a race in our population in one geographical area and put them into camps further away from that area. Because of national security issues—according to the government at that time that is. But they did later admit it was because of racial prejudice, war hysteria and bad political leadership.

That camp is a constant reminder to me that we have to be better as a group. Because those camps were a massive wrong in US history. We have to rise above our prejudices and we have to be understanding as people. If someone doesn’t like to be called something whether it’s a racial slur or what not you should just stop. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words can never hurt me” is pretty much a freaking fib. Words hurt. So use them wisely.

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I know I shouldn’t have to remind people but if you are doing any kind of smut fanart etc. remember to tag that shit NSFW since it’s also in Tumblr’s terms of use that’d be awesome.

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magic sword
ntt solmare
yeah i did like him until this
Did he just….

He did….


Did he just….

He did….

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24 hrs later and I notice phone posted on here twice. What the hell.

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art by OP


It’s finished… I think? I really have no idea orz I think I made his ear a bit too big whoops and maybe the forehead too low

(´・ω・`) I need to get back to working on commissions before summer vacation ends„,

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scarlet fate+
shall we date? scarlet fate+

New route available in Shall We Date? Scarlet Fate+

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Office Lovers
haha Sonnet

Σ(゜ロ゜;)   N-no!


Σ(゜ロ゜;)   N-no!

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I really like this
voltage inc.
kissed by the baddest bidder


Mamoru Kishi

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in your arms tonight
shohei aiba
one of the kings of unrequited love

Eyyy Aibaman —- ノ’ ︵’)ノ


Eyyy Aibaman —- ノ’ ︵’)ノ

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new release


Office Lovers ~Forbidden Romance~

New game from D3Publisher now available for iOS!

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enchanted in the moonlight
august month of pain
Wait: Kyoga Oneshot


image the pretty landscape

He still loves you years after your death.

The memories are not fading, but they are being tainted. Like a piece of pristine paper slowly yellowing, starting at the edges, and then moving in.

One memory specifically shines, though, even as the other ones begin to dim. You’re already married—the crow was always the lucky bastard, from the moment you chose him—yet, it’s just the two of you up in the mountains after being separated from the rest of the group. Kyoga managed to find a little cabin, one surrounded by pretty landscape.

“I’ve been here once,” you said. “Chikage brought me up when he was fighting his friend. Oh, there’s a beautiful spot nearby. I think you’ll like it.”

The both of you made your way to the beautiful spot—a clear lake, surrounded by flowers. The sun was shining brightly through the foliage, almost blinding, but not quite. Kyoga had never been a sappy sort of ayakashi, but he swore that moment was the one he wished was frozen for all eternity.

You pulled him to the body of water, where you immediately began taking off your sandals. You rolled up your pants and sat down, sighing gratefully at the cool relief of water.

You smiled up at him, and he knew—knew—there would be nobody who could ever make him feel the way you did, and that he would never love another.

He sat down with you, wore the flower crown you braided, joked about being lost forever. He engraved the moment into his mind like a carver, absolutely burned it into his soul, and when Chikage arrived in a rush of black feathers, watched you go.

He loves you, always will. Still, a long life stretched out before him with no companionship and you eventually have children—even if the both of you wanted to elope, you wouldn’t. And he could never try to make you love him, not when there wasn’t a happy ending in sight.


But then you die, as humans do.

Kyoga doesn’t remember quite what happens after that. It is as if a year simply blurs into a single moment and the next thing he knows, Miyabi and Yukinojo are telling him he has to stop grieving. Demanding it, almost. Kyoga nods along, makes promises, then packs his things and leaves. He travels a great deal, but ultimately ends up in front of a gentle Buddhist monk.

He grasps the theory of reincarnation like a lifeline, clings to it as a dying man would to his savior.

He waits for you.

(And this time, Chikage will not win your heart.)


A/N: romancingpixels had this August month full of pain idea going on, and I couldn’t help myself. But I couldn’t make it too much angst because I am stubborn like that.

Also, I’m apparently a pile of mayonnaise.